Application Management Platform helps OEMs and mobile operators accelerate delivery of Android devices to market and unlock app monetization opportunities

WildTangent today announced Application Management Platform (AMP), a configurable set of cloud-based services for Android devices. AMP allows device manufacturers (OEMs) and mobile operators to streamline their app installation processes and generate new revenue.

Today, the speed with which device manufacturers and mobile operators ship devices to market is limited by a costly, labor-intensive app installation process. Using AMP, OEMs and mobile operators transform the traditional app preload process by installing apps when users first set up their device.

“In a mobile world, the present app distribution process is woefully dated,” said Mike Peronto, CEO of WildTangent. “AMP modernizes the process, shifts app delivery from months to minutes and eliminates the need for factory installations of many apps. AMP helps the industry move faster and creates a wider range of monetization opportunities for our partners.”

AMP offers a series of configurable solutions for OEMs and mobile operators, including:

  • App distribution: AMP shifts app distribution from the traditional factory preload processes to dynamic app loading at set-up. It delivers the most up-to-date apps more quickly and reduces unnecessary business costs.
  • App Analytics: AMP measures and manages app performance by using data analytics to drive optimal app targeting.
  • App Recommendation Engine: Use data intelligence to suggest appropriate apps for consumers during new device set-up and over the device’s lifetime.

“Using the existing factory app installation process, app installation performance continues to be a significant challenge,” said Sean Vanderdasson, Senior Vice President at WildTangent. “AMP’s configurable data intelligence capabilities allow OEMs and mobile operators to view app performance in real time. Using data, they’re able to identify installations trends, adjust app management plans, tailor experiences with the best performing apps for consumers and drive immediate marketing results to provide the industry’s best user experience.”

The AMP platform for OEMs and mobile operators is available worldwide. For more information, please visit WildTangent is exhibiting at Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona — Hall 8.1 (App Planet), stand 8.1I13.

About WildTangent (
With over 20 billion apps delivered, WildTangent is the leading worldwide, cross-device technology company focused on the distribution and monetization of mobile and online apps. The company builds mobile apps and operates a digital advertising platform and entertainment services. The company’s latest offering, Application Platform Management (AMP), dramatically simplifies the app management process for device manufacturers and mobile operators. Companies that use WildTangent technology for their devices include AT&T, T-Mobile, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung, and ACER.


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